Practice Areas

Negotiating complex licensing and sponsorships with organizations such as the NFL, Major League Baseball and the NCAA gives me a unique perspective on getting you the most benefits for your marketing dollar.

– nicole pierce

Marketing & Licensing

We specialize in negotiating and drafting the agreements for your marketing and advertising campaigns to provide for maximum benefits to your company while keeping your company compliant with various laws and regulations. We can advise your social media and marketing teams on required marketing and advertising disclosures. We have negotiated with some of the largest sports organizations, including the NFL, NABC, MLB and NHL and have also worked with various fortune 500 companies on product marketing campaigns.

These types of agreements and services can include:

  • Letters of Intent

  • Media and Entertainment Agreements

  • Sponsorship Agreements

  • Promotion Agreements

  • Production Agreements

  • Influencer Agreements

  • Promotional Materials Review and Compliance

  • Drafting the “Fine Print”

  • License Agreements

  • Cause Marketing Agreements and Related State Law Compliance

  • Celebrity Agreements

  • Joint Venture Agreements

  • Appearance Releases

  • Talent Waivers

  • Social Media Campaign Materials Review

  • Packaging Disclosures

Business Transactions

We can draft and negotiate your essential business transaction and corporate agreements.

These types of agreements can include:

  • Asset Purchase Agreements

  • Stock Purchase Agreements

  • Operating Agreements

  • Shareholder Agreements

  • Board Resolutions

  • Joint Venture Agreements

  • Letters of Intent

  • Broker Agreements

  • Non-compete and Non-solicitation Agreement

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements

  • License Agreements

  • Strategic Alliances

  • Franchise Agreements

Commercial Contracts & Technology

We can help you get the most out of your agreements with your vendors and suppliers and protect the day to day operations of your company.

These types of agreement can include: 

  • Software Agreements, including Saas, Paas, CRM systems, Online Payment Systems

  • IP Licensing Agreements

  • Supply Chain Agreements

  • Product Sales Contracts

  • Procurement Agreements

  • Fulfillment Agreements

  • Vendor/Services Agreements

  • Independent Contractor Agreements

General Counsel Services

We provide outside general counsel services for companies that either do not have their own in-house general counsel or want to supplement their in-house legal team.

These services can include the following:

  • Provide Day-to-Day Legal Advice on the Operation of the Company

  • Negotiate with vendors and contractors

  • Provide Guidance on Website Operations, Including Review of Privacy Policies and Industry Best Practices

  • Manage Corporate Governance Issues

  • Issue Spotting for High Risk Activities

  • Manage Outside Counsel During Litigation

  • Create Forms for your Frequently Used Legal Agreements

  • Crisis Management

  • Protect your Intellectual Property

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